About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Glow Alive Limited is to organise memorable vacation and educational trips, programs and events, make traveling less stressful and to assist our clients in every professional capacity to bring their dreams into fruition.

Our Vision

To serve our clients with enhanced travel experience by providing quality services that address their travel needs, through the most efficient arrangements so that customer loyalty, superior financial result and excellent customer satisfaction can be achieved.

We are passionate about helping our clients fulfill their traveling dreams.

Our Values


We are constantly creative by bringing out programs to solve problems in new ways. With a genuinely talented group of people, great services, open minds and clients with complex and unique challenges, we just can’t sit as onlookers but rather game changers.

Service Approach

We choose to be very prompt and professional in our delivery. We love to help people have great traveling experiences, whether they are colleagues, clients or partners depending on their budget, activities sought, desired destinations and time of travel.


We deliver what we promise and only what we deliver. We do what we say with warmth, humor and a great deal of thought(that’s why people enjoy working with us).

Team Work

We hold in high esteem teamwork, as it is our core. We are natural partners with our clients, colleagues, and our community. We are at our best when working together to produce extraordinary results.


We aim to always strive to go beyond the expectations of our clients, our colleagues and our shareholders. We build our human resources constantly and also focus on bringing aboard new people who’s skills enhance and expand our already strong base. We are committed to growing our global footprint together with our clients.